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October 03, 2006


Osama Saeed

You may want to check out


In the media's defence *cough* there has been a concerted by many British Asians to raise this issue and it got lots of coverage around the time Mirza's execution was delayed for a month.

The problem is that his situation is so all over the place, and the Pak govt is so uncooperative on the issue, that its become buried and therefore had to dredge up as newsworthy.

Us Asian media-wallahs too wrote in about this:,,1779234,00.html
to little avail.

Though, admittedly, the British media could make a bigger deal about this and pressurise the British govt to do something.

Hmmm... there has to be some way. Musharraf is just being a twat.

fawzia hussein

ooooh god,yaa allah i wonder why this goverment are so selfish.why on eath will you kill an innocent person that has nothing to do with killing,and if it there any prove to hang this innocent man after his entire life in prison.i appsouletly feel soory for such an innocent young man who was a tenage himself,that all his life shattered (it is almaost 18 years that he was in prison)half of his age.i hope the islamic religioun is not mis iterpretaed

Syed Javed

I've got a question; In the statement of the victim's fathers, he showed a copy of the letter that he alleged being mailed from Mirza Tahir, seems like the letter is in Urdu. I'm not sure but if so, my question is that did Tahir know writing Urdu or didn't as I know its hard for British or US born kids to read or write Urdu. If he didn't know then it should be verified if the letter that BBC reporter was shown was in English or Urdu. If Urdu then who wrote that letter? May be the inspector who filed the FIR or some angels?

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