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September 08, 2006



It's amazing how so many otherwise intelligent Muslims feel uninhibited in drivelling on about Zionist conspiracies and Freemasons and all sorts of whacky nonsense, who it seems have influenced everything from the flood to 9/11. I actually use to find this quite embarrassing, until I discovered my daughter's boyfriend''s non-Muslim mother actually thinks the moon landings were faked.

Yes, her and many others believe in such utter twaddle, and lets not forget all those credulous folks of every faith and none who are convinced soap operas are real, the earth is flat and Elvis lives. Hoorah! It's not just Muslims that are mad, but the entire human race!!!

And that's good news?



Thomas Green

As the American press has apparently never heard of Gaza the the ethnic cleansing going on there an arguement that we are not under Zionist media control is rediculous or perhaps incredulous or, probably a plain old lie.
George W. Bush, while at Yale University wasting his father's ill-gotten gains, entered a "Society" which his father also was a member of. This was the Society of the Skull and Bones. As an initiate, Bush had to take an oath of fealty to this Society, its members and to "the Jewish Nation".
Further to any discussion of Zionist influence (as to matters at least in the Middle East substitute the word "control" for influence) a peek must be made of the persons Bush has chosen to surround himself with. I'll just name two: Chernoff (head of Homeland Security!!!) and Ari Fleischer. This suffices to whet at least the minimal curiosity about who really owns and operates the USA.


There's a difference between saying "American media is biased towards Israel", or "American foreign policy favours Israel", and saying "Zionists control the world". The last statement, from an Islamic pov, is close to disbelief.


So where does this place 9/11 conspiracy theorists?


while i have no idea what you just said, i will defend to death your right to say it


Don't worry. Neither do I.

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