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September 06, 2006



Thabet, I think the problem is partly that Muslim groups are happy to play into this.

And you can blame white liberals for this too. So for example take the recent cricket match that Osama Saeed and his crew tried to stop. He promised hundreds of supporters - apparently about 50 turned up, and the police had to provide armed guards.
Later the cricket match was held at an entirely different base altogether, because of Osama and his mates protesting?

It sounds absurd but these guys play up their influence and 'threats' (in this case the Burger King guy who saw Allah on a cone is a better example)... while the police or other authorities get scared that the Muslim might go a bit crazy (liberal patronising at its worst) and so over-compensate - playing into the hands of bigots.

Sunny Delight

Sunny, you are a whinner and Islamophobe.


You say "I can accept criticism of my faith and religious beliefs. Muslims do have the moral and intellectual resources, across the religious, political and social spectrum to be able to meet any such challenges that might be posed. Tough questions have been asked in the past and it is no different today..."

Oh well, that is nice. So now, at last, I have somebody that can either answer some simple questions about Islam or give me some links where answers can be found. Great.

The issue is simple. The hadiths tell us that Islam's dear prophet, Momammed, did many very vile things. I am talking about such things as murder, torture, raids, plunder, rape, slavery and even wife beating. Yes, they are all there in the 'strongest' traditions. I would hope you do not deny this or ask for references. If you want these, I will provide them - no problema.

So, this being the case, why should I or anyone trust or believe a Muslim when I see how much they love and respect their prophet - when he did the things the hadiths say he did, as recorded by his friends and followers? Why don't they condemn these actions as described in their own writings? Perhaps this explains the 'terror' thing. Perhaps 'terror' is just Muslims doing what Mohammad did.

Some may not agree, but I think this issue is very relevant to current events.

I have asked about this time after time, with links to Muslim texts on Muslim sites, and I am usually ignored (90% of the time). I think Muslims don't want to think about these things. The rest of the time (10%) they call me a racist, or say the texts are poorly translated, out of context, not meaningful, falsified, or that I am just ignorant. Oh yes, there have been a few threats.

And once in a while I get some really strange answers, like the explanation about the prophet hitting his young wife. A Muslim told me that in reality it means "he hit her but did not beat her, he caused her pain but it did not hurt." This was from the "Comment is free" (Guardian) blog in June. I am still trying to figure that one out.

Well, that it it...
I'll check back for your answer.

Come to think of it, I think I even left a few posts here at "under progress".
Never once have I got a straight answer.

Thank you,

John old man kactuz

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