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August 08, 2006



Excellent post.



Tahir Abbas

I also thought that the programme was essentialist, sensationalist, and quite one-sided – with the same people and the comments they made it would be just as easy to stress how pious people cope with decadence, excessive consumerism, alcoholism, the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe, Islamophobia in society, and how foreign policy has alienated Muslims further… and so on

What we have is a debate about values – and it’s effectively one that focuses on Muslims in general, without qualification of the many differences within that body of people and that somehow Muslims are outside of a set of acceptable norms, codes, etc…

These are important times for Muslims – if we can turn the corner, and I am sure we will, because the British state has managed to incorporate all its minorities, and at least over the last 2,000 years, all will be well. I will always remain optimistic, but it is hard sometimes…

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