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August 27, 2006



I wonder to what extent this misrepresentation is down to the Salafabi influence on contemporary Islam, which tends to emphasise the transcendence of Allah in its conceptualisation of tawhid, against the immanence emphasised by Sufism. Ron Geaves 'Aspects of Islam' explores this issue in one of the chapters of his 'Aspects of Islam'.




Another good article is God and Love.


I wouldn't especially look inside Islam for sources of misconceptions about Islam - just trace the history and folklore of beliefs about Islam in western Christianity.

Islam seems to have shared with Judaism the doubtful honour of having the dissonances between Christian practice and theory projected onto them. Thus we have the Jew being accused of being obsessed with money while the Church tried to reconcile a gospel preached to the poor with the pursuit of wealth and Islam being called "the religion of the sword" by a pack of Crusaders intent on travelling thousands of miles to invade and conquer their territory.

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