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August 03, 2006


Rasheed Moore

Akhi Umar,

As you can clearly see now by the current events the Myth that Israel is content with just existing peacfully with it's neighbors is just that a Myth. The soon the Muslims reconcile ourselves to the fact that the Zionists must be confronted the sooner we can acheive a sustained peace. La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illah billah, I never thought I would see the day where knowledgable Muslims adopt such a defeatist attitude. It looks like they ideological onslaught is already taking casualties.


assalamu alaykum Rasheed

Just so we're clear, I am not Umar :-)


Your post triggered flashbacks of my Islamic school experience, when my history teacher defaced the world map in the classroom by crossing out the name 'Israel' and replacing it with Palestine. She then proceeded to give us a very stern lecture about the grievances of the Palestinians and warned us that we must never mention the word 'Israel' again.

Osama Saeed

One of the main problems with Umar's analysis is that he thinks that it is somehow up to the Muslim global audience to sort out the Palestinian situation. There's 4million Palestinians there that want to go home. It's up to them when it's over.

Abu Sahajj
I believe Muslims need to accept the fact of the existence of Israel and then move on with it. Israel is not going anywhere and the sooner Muslims reconcile ourselves to that fact then the sooner we can come towards a real solution to the problems and suffering of the Palestinians and the rest of those suffering in the Arab World.
I have a different opinion from Brothers Abu Sinan and Umar Lee, both make good points, however I would like to add that...

Indeed, it is important that Israel be included in discussions of of religion and politics among Muslims.

But consider this, is there a distinction between the religion of the people and the politics of the people? I think to make such distinctions is an error. As both are directly related to the heart of Islam which is the welfare of the people.

In addition, it is important for Muslims to understand the complex origins of the Jewish-State and the events leading to it. For example, the Zionist movement established in 1897 30+ years prior to the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement; the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Arab Revolt... which resulted in two faced trickery by imperialist Britons, etc.

Consequently, it may be true that Israel isn't going anywhere however, like every nation-state, sovereignty or empire... their future is subject to change, inshaallah.


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