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July 05, 2006


Irving Karchmar

An excellent, thoughtful and well-reasoned post :) Thank you.


A thought provoking piece.

I was reading an interview with Tariq Ramadan in Prospect, in which he repeated his call for a seperation of Islam and citizenship. But I also keep reflecting on Orwell's famous essay, 'My Country Right or Left', which is an analysis of the emotional roots of his passionate allegiance, in this instance for Britain in 1940. And this is where Tariq Ramadan has a problem. His solution is intellectual, but anti-Western pro-Muslimism is a fundamentally socio-emotional phenomenon.

On extremism, one concept which is not discussed enough by bloggers and pundits is 'cult'. Certainly, the Wahhabis I was involved with when I converted had much in common with some of the more dubious New Religious Movements.



Comment Pimpette

Excellent post!


Irving, TMA, CP: Thanks!

Osama Saeed

Thabet, Salaam. Despite the different ways we may express ourselves, I don't think our views are very far apart. I talk about a need for a more sophisticated engagement

What we're both advocating though is not what Blair has in mind - it's far more of a slow burn. It also has a lot do do with our socio-economic position as Muslims too. Compare the type of places where Muslims live to the equivalent deprived non-Muslim white areas and you will see the exact same isolation, alienation and lack of civic engagement. But being white, they get away with it.

I'm not saying that it's good enough. Muslims must lift themselves up from their current squalor. But just as lifting the lower classes of British society has never really happened, this is going to be a big task.

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