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July 14, 2006



Consider the following scenario, some of the Muslim scholars, by that I do not mean just religious scholars, invent a time machine and end up in the present day. Just imagine how horrified they would be to see the intellectual decline of the Muslim world! Just imagine what would happen!


In Enemy Combatant', Begg points out that The Taliban did some useful things, like smashing the child sex rings that have now returned to Afghanistan. At the same time, Begg was in Afghanistan when the US invaded because he was running a girl's school - not something approved of by The Taliban, but apparently tolerated.

My view is that, with regards to solutions to the world's spiritual, political and social woes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, unless your name is George W Bush. Islamic responses on the ground are more likely to be effective when they are sensitive to local conditions.

Personally, if Al-Ghazali could be beamed into the 21st century, he might be impressed by what goes on at places like ISIM, or perhaps by the likes of Khaled Abou El Fadl. But might have something to say about the intellectual and architectural state of Makkah...



Brian Ulrich

I am reminded of one of my professors' comments: "Calling the Taliban 'medieval' is an insult to the Middle Ages." At the very least, it took a lot of serious study to be regarded as a religious leader back then.


LOL, but its so true. Thanks for bringing to the fore the point that the Taliban are hardly medieval! I hadn't thought of the rhetoric that way before. Nice.

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