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June 13, 2006



"Imam Ghazali has written lengthy treatises in his Ihya Ulum ad-Din on the condemnation of pride and anger – both characteristic of identity politics and Ibn Ata’illah condemns self-righteousness and the looking down on others in his Hikam."

Like so much ulemic discourse, Ghazali was oblivious to his elitist position. It's easy to condemn such feelings, until you actually find yourself in a situation where you are poor and oppressed. I find this kind of morality middle class, repressive and itself self-righteous. I think anger needs to be acknowledged and empathised with - but it should not be a tool of political action. Don't get even, get justice.




I wonder if you know about Ghazali's dedication to his students, his supporting them, and his turning down huge salaries and prestigious government positions in order to remain with his students. It's easy to talk about how "elite" Ghazali was, especially if you clearly know little, if anything, about the content of his character. I don't see how you can equate condemnation of pride and anger with middle class virtues?

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