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June 10, 2006


Abdul Rahman Hilmi

assalamu alaikum

Thabet said:----------------
Myth #1: Muslims have always been ruled by a single caliphate for "1400 years".
Where did the hizb say that? I myself said in this topic on your very own blog "...we can disagree on how Islamic the Abbasides, Umayyads, Muwahydoon, Ottomans, etc. were."

Thabet said:--------------
Myth #2: The year 1924 marked the end of Islam as it was meant to be: an ideological system which defines the social, cultural, educational, and legal aspects of Islam and Islamic societies through the khilafah system.
Can you tell me that today all Islamic rules and shariah laws are being implemented and used? Or is it only the ibadaat of Islam that are being used and the rest is all in books on the shelves?
And no one said anything about "true Islam" and false Islam. We never made such statements.

Thabet said:-----------------
Myth #3: The Prophet (upon whom be peace) and his close companions ruled by something called the khilafah system.
Maybe on Planet Hizb. The Prophet (upon whom be peace) and his close companions ruled by something called "Islam", surprisingly enough.
Define khilafah.

Thabet said:-------------
Myth #4: The caliphate, under Ottoman stewardship, collapsed due to foreign inteference.
Any historical proofs? It's a fact that the Ottoman caliphate was destroyed by Attaturk and it's a fact that Attaturk had close ties with the British. He was even publically pro-British and against allying with Germany during the first world war. So until now I didn't say anything but historic facts. It is also a fact that when Kemal took over the parliment, delegations were sent to him from India and Egypt asking him not to destroy the khilafah. The indian delegation even said that he himself could become a khaleefah if he so wishes. And these are the people who were prosecuted under the last years of the Ottoman rule. I even have the Times newspaper digital copy which mentions this which I could post on the net if you so wish. Mustapha kemal however, decided to remove the caliphate and install a republic which he became the dictator of, forcing Western lifestyle on the people in way never seen before.

Thabet said:------------------
Myth #5: Democracy necessarily means voting in what we like (i.e. with no consideration for some higher principles, e.g. halal/haram)
If you agree with me that halal should be implemented and haram should be forbidden by the government, then why do you insist on calling it democracy? If this is what Islam calls for, then why not call it Islam?

Does Islam allow Muslims to have more than one political leader?

Muslim reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "He who
pledged allegiance to an Imam giving him the clasp of his hand and the fruit of his heart shall obey him as long as he can, and if another comes to dispute with him you have to strike the neck of that man."

So I suppose as Muslims we should (and do as far as I understand from what you said) that the government should allow the halal and forbid the haram. Then (as part of what you want to call 'democracy', I'd rather call it ijtihaad) man can discuss matters that are mubaah in the light of the Quraan and Sunnah and solve them. And, with respect to the hadith I just quoted above, this political leadership should be for ALL Muslims and no two leaders are allowed for the Muslims.

We really have the same idea in mind. The only difference is that you want to call it democracy and I'd rather call it khilafah. Tell me where I'm wrong.


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