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June 09, 2006


Abdul Rahman Hilmi

Assalamu alaikum

Economics, healthcare, tribalism, globalism. This is the EXACT response brother Tariq gave to that question and I replied to it. If you have something to add akhi, join the discussion over there. Other than that, I'm not going to start all over again over here.

How exactly will healthcare effect our need for a khilafah? Why does advancement in healthcare make us not need a khilafah? Economics? globalism? I explained what a Khilafah is several times. SEVERAL times. Halal, haram, ijtihaad. How exactly are these things you mentioned go against the khilafah? Why wont they be compatible with it?

what do you know, you made me repeat myself. Although I said more in Tariq's blog...



Damn son, you told him. Masha'allah Thabet -- breathtakingly naive, your response was breathtaking. Most Muslims can't even grasp the ways in which globalization and a consciousness of planetary commonness have radically changed identity, politics, association, ideology, language and cause-and-effect even in the local. Beautifulness.

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