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June 29, 2006


Omar Barsawad

It is not 'honour' at all that drives people to such monstrosities! It's being insane and selfish that does! And it is just: pure evilness!


When I was at University, I was approached by a family through a mutual friend to help obtain evidence in defence of two men accused of an 'honour killing'. In this instance, 'honour' appears to have legitimized the use of homicidal violence by two members of the family who were already nasties (once an ex-pimp).

My theory is that 'honour' is something of a Orientalist term, and embraces a far more complex and diverse set of motives for murder, of which 'izzat' is generally but one part. Few people talk about white patriarchal misogyny killings, but it could be equally argued that there is a cultural facet to white European domestic homicides.



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