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June 06, 2006



I disagree with you. So there!

Okay, seriously. I think Muslims are going to take over Europe. They have the skills, the money, and even famous white people like Oriana Fallacio has predicted this.

Dr. Riccardo Privitera

You know what is worse than a Muslim fanatic? A left wing bleeding heart like you! Reading this criticism of Melanie Phillips reinforces my belief that instead of doing expensive medical exams on mothers to find out whether or not a child is male or female, we should develop a technology allow us to determine whether or not that child, irrespective of sex, will grow up with left wing, socialist or communist tendencies, and abort them before they grow up and become politicians, journalists or authors. It is people like you who allow the destructions of entire civilizations. It may shock you friend but millions agree with Melanie.

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