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May 24, 2006



I was meant to add before, this was a good article. well done.

mohamad falastin

We all know muslims and arabs are very angry for the extreme injustices,
neocons "jewish elite and their evangelical christian allies" want to channel this anger.
The neocons want civil war between muslims.
sunni vs. shia in iraq, hamas vs. fatah in palestine, arabs vs blacks in darfur and islamic courts vs. war lords in somalia.
This blog should concentrate on that, arabs/muslims should wake up


This blog should concentrate on that

Or you could get your own blog.


In addition, your statement "The neocons want civil war between muslims" is exactly what I'm talking about in my "Zionism and Robots" post.

Let's say the Neocons do want civil war between Muslims. Why are Muslims then giving them what they want? Or are Muslims just mindless robots who act on instruction from the Evil Outsider?

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