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May 03, 2006




Abu Muhammad it been a long time I am about a year late in dealing with this issue in a public forum. I had a question that seems to get no answer and that is "has traditionalism failed us?"

I see you mentioned Alasdaire Macintyre I am not aware that you know the context of his writing maybe you do but let me make mention of it for the interested reader with your permission of course.

Macintyre is a Cathlolic and he is writing in defense of Catholic tradition in light of its implosion before modernity and then postmodedrnity. Catholic like Muslims based their tradition on Greek thought particularly Aristotle when Arsitotle was debunked by later thinkers or rather certain readings of Aristotle of which the tradition of Catholics was based and by extension their aqeeda system they went into a major crisis of which they have yet to recover.

Macintyre's writing are an attempt at that. I am worried that with the oversanctification of tradition by well intention Muslims who really do not read in tradition given their lack of resources and linguistic tools the result will be a collapse of faith the sort we see in the Christian world unless we call people first to the Qur'an and Sunnah and second to revival and a revist of tradition and ijtihad.

Abu Muhammad, has traditionalism failed us?


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