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April 05, 2006


sad muslim

we can accept the impersonalness of western technology invading our barren world but ideas that underscore us, that talk to us, that make us question our firmly held and most deeply rooted beliefs?? too scary.
rule over us, surpass us, let us be passive consumers of your gadgets but lift us from this intellectual stupor to realise our own power?
we'll secularise (i.e compartmentalise) our hearts before consenting to such an assault.

Abu Muhammad

Salam Br. thabet,

I have linked your entry to my blog without permission. I hope you wont mind it as I haven't cross-posted the text. BTW, it was a brilliant question to contemplate.


Julaybib Ayoub

Personally, I love European ideas. I've been reading J S Mill recently, and I feel his ideas about individuality very keenly. So would many Muslims, I expect, before circa the 15th century shut down on learning that crushed the dynamic Muslim intellectual tradition in a cold, hard, lump of dogma(See Hodgson, vol 3).




liu wei

What about European ideas in the dark age: medieval history?

By force, you might be able to eliminate them but never change their minds.

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