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March 27, 2006



as-salaam alaykum. thanks for pointing this out. funny i never thought of it that way. these things are complicated, of course, so this is not decisive but still interesting. i'm reminded of the complete silence with which my question "what if science proved the existence of God?" was met in a philosophy class on religion and liberalism. now i don't know if science could "prove" the existence of God, but i find it interesting that everyone assumes a dichotomy between provable science and unprovable religion. and never the twain shall meet.


wa'alaykum assalam

I think it would be difficult for a believer in God to argue that science alone can ever ultimately prove God, because most of their claims for their belief are in other realms.

Of course some would also say that science is never strictly proven --only disproven.


About the Madeleine Bunting you told so,is an English journalist and writer who is an Associate Editor and columnist on The Guardian.Also the Madeleine Bunting was formerly married to Patrick Wintour, political editor of The Guardian,so the details you share are really good and useful to read.

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