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February 01, 2006



Citing passages from the Hadith, the collected sayings of Mohammed, ... by his own account, the founder of Islam was often possessed by Satan. The phrase "Satanic Verses" refers to words that Mohammed first claimed had come from God, but which he later concluded were spoken by Satan. Mohammed married 11 women, kept two others as concubines and recommended wife-beating (but only as a last resort!). His third wife was 6 years old when he married her and 9 when he consummated the marriage. To say that Mohammed was a demon-possessed pedophile is not an attack. It's a fact." Muhammad was poisoned by the widow of a man he murdered. Unlike Jesus Christ, who gave his live to take aways the sins of the world, and whose tomb is empty, Muhammad died due to his own sin on June 8, 632 and his remains are still entombed


I have come to this blog to give some thoughts. I am a southern American "not Muslim" I really don't care about your religion you may worship at your hearts content. I will not have your religion pressed on me. Your people show up here in America and expect us to do things your way. This is not going to happen. Also America has done things in the past we are not that proud of but every country has. But we will not let terrorist come and kill us and stand by for it. If you don't want us killing muslims or what ever is over in the middle east then don't come after us. I also think another reason why we are there is Muslim Men treat their women terrible...No Man will hurt a woman in front of me Muslim or No Muslim....We don't stand by and let you hurt women just because of religion. You don't like it then you can go to hell or were ever muslim hell is.

amar kalid bilagot

I love you I am bor here in turkey and wanted to say it is wrong to hurt women as my cousin mathais would also agree.

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