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February 01, 2006



lol to the angry arab's comments. thanks for the survey. that's a good idea on how to do it as opposed to just posting links.


The Angry Arab is, indeed, cool.


I can see how cartoons like this could be considered offensive--I certainly wouldn't want to see Jesus drawn performing homosexual acts, but the difference here is that it actually applies. It applies to associate Mohammed and Islam with terrorism, it applies that Islam is a motivation for inflicting hurt on others in the world. Not because its adherents are the ones doing the hurting, but because the Koran, Islam's cornerstone document, advocates these activities.

So how have the outraged Muslims reacted to their greatest prophet being portrayed as a violent terrorist? Why, by using violent terrorist tactics, of course!


Does anyone know of any web sites that are dedicated for cartoons making fun of Muhamad? As a sign of western solidarity I think this would a great idea.


Your "theory" (and I'm being generous) falls flat on its face when you consider that:

1. There are homosexual clergymen, who rely on their religious sources for their beliefs.
2. Though there may be Muslims who perform acts of terrorism, and even use their text/s to justify it, there are lots and lots of others who don't.

I don't know of any of those websites you ask about, for obvious reasons. But I do know that we don't need websites making fun of people like you -- you do a good enough job on your own.

Brother Nicholas

To me the whole mess with the cartoon business, just shows what complete hypocrites these people are. Where were are all the protests when different factions are blowing up mosques and killing scores of innocents? So I guess in their eyes its okay to murder, but not okay to misuse a pencil.

Brother Nicholas

It seems muslims are angry at everyone! Against sects of their own, against the west, etc. It is all just solid proof of what the Bible said the sons of Ishmael would be!


My responce is to the comment made by Eteraz:

"if you are a Western non-Muslim, hope you realize the economic disincentive of mocking a faith that numbers 1.5 billion and buys a whole lot of your goods. Ikea in Dubai. KFC in Karachi. Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, in uh — well, when they become Disney movies."

1.5 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the population. I really don't care if you or any muslim eats at KFC or buys American goods. I am so sick of hearing about the Middle East, including Israel, and all the problems and hate that comes from your "stinking ass" region of the world". Muslims can go to hell! I support Denmark and all the freedom loving countries! The cartoons seem to be a good representation of a hateful religion and its followers. God bless Denmark and America!


Please surf to Eteraz's blog and respond to him.

And Eteraz is an American. So start again.


As the despot who runs this weblog, I will not let you make unfounded comments. If you don't like it, tough. Get your own weblog.


very nice job of summing up the posts. Thanks a lot. keep up the good work. Saalam.


The Nazi germans used to boycott the jews businesses - what is the difference here?

Muslim and Islam is a cult not a faith - you could change your posts to reflect this it has legal ramifications.



what is the difference here?

Many, many differences. If you can't figure them out, I suggest you stay out of the whole 'debate'.

Muslim and Islam is a cult not a faith

I would also suggest attending school.


The Comments by the Saudi's that the Danish paper should be punished, is a perfect example of how little the middle Eastern cultures attempt to understand the Western Way of life. As with any relationship, it takes to to build an understanding. Europe concedes on many an issue so not to annoy Islam. Whatever their issues are with these cartoons, they are there own. Muslims, Jew and Christians have to expect there will be ridicule as must scientists and agnostics. If they do not attempt to understand western tradition, they must leave Europe and return to an environment more hospitable.'s about making a European Muslims...assimilate.



I cannot believe what is going on in the Muslim world over f-ing cartoons! I used to have tolerance for these people until this recent outcry! Do they realize how they are polarizing themselves??? Do they realize that they are losing even more respect for their f-ing religion founded by a warrior??? They are offended by an f-ing cartoon? Does the cartoon speak the truth? YES it does—are they oblivious???

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that most Muslims are not crazy idiots; however, the Muslim religion, more than any other religion, breeds more extremists than any other religion. I have Muslim friends and they do not agree with what is going on—I am no racist; just fed up with the current cartoon bullsh!t. Do they realize how stupid they look???

The Muslims actually are burning buildings and killing each other over cartoons??? Can anyone understand this bullsh!t??? I even read today that a Muslim cleric offered $1 million U.S. to kill the Danish cartoonist. I don’t have a passionate opinion about freedom of speech, but this bullsh!t will inflame—as it already has (Italian Minister wearing the Muslim fuc%-head-bomb-on-his-head t-shirt) the world to hate Muslims (remember, Muslims are those that dropped the World Trade Center) even more and further people to “offend” (oh, I am sorry!) the Islam nation. Do they realize how f-ing ironic this is? They kidnap and cut Westerner’s heads off, and then issue a death warrant against a cartoonist!

I watched the Nick Berg video—you people are idiots—you apparently are NOT diplomatic. You criticize the U.S. (Bush, who I really do not support) for not being diplomatic! Are you kidding me!?!?! Further, today the news stated that the turbanites are in an uproar because Danish people were threatening to burn the Koran! Are you so insecure with your religion that you need to kill people for burning your book? Wow! You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you—I just wiped my a$$ with it tonight—ran out of toilet paper—sorry—guess I have a death warrant out for me…however, it will be easy to see coming—I will be looking for a turban-wearing, cartoon-provoked, uneducated idiot.

Hey, I do not agree with the war in Iraq, but if the f-ing Muslims want any compassion—which they now have lost, they should not get their turban in a wad over a cartoon! Being a Christian myself, I was not offended by the cartoon character of Jesus Christ in the same article that characterized the terrorist himself—oh, I am sorry, I meant Mohammed—a.k.a. bastard child of warfare. Unlike Muslims—obviously—My religion is based on my own faith and convictions; the Muslim faith, on the other hand, is so easily offended—by a cartoon no less, that it proves that their religion is based on warrior/terrorist roots. If you want “civilized” society (obviously many Muslims are not part of that community) to support the Muslim community, then the majority of Muslims—which I do believe are rational—should speak out against these idiots who are making a mockery of their religion—I have not seen that happen. Muslims have a habit of saying “it is against our religion to kill civilians…however, any enemy to Islam is not a civilian—they can be killed”…Which, as the Muslims proclaim, Westerner’s—especially Americans—are not civilians—they are enemies to Islam… so, my 3-year old daughter is an enemy to Islam and I should fear for her death by a maniac?.?.?

Hey, I am a realist; I understand the Christian religion has had its fair share of oppressing people and slaughtering thousands; but the year is 2006. Apparently the Muslim world lives in the tenth century. Maybe someday they will catch up to 2006—well, maybe once they create the wheel; not very optimistic they will after the cartoon anger!


Good grief, what a rant! It does show, however, the frustrations building on every side.
Some of the points were valid, however.
1) Too few of the world's Muslims are taking a stand against this "radicalism." Those are the people who should be speaking out - from anyone else, it smacks of "war on Islam" or something. Are these people afraid of their radical "brothers" too?
2) Everything we are reading/seeing makes us feel that Islam is indeed teaching the very discrimination now being protested against. I don't believe this is true, but I can't tell it by looking. This is not a way to bring more respect to the Faith.
3) This war on caroonists does portray a great insecurity with oneself. Most people believe (whatever their beliefs) a religion is based on what is inside, not on what other people think of it.

Well, my 2cents so far.

Peace (please!)


You are right--it was a rant! However, I have had patience for these people way too long. I, as a moderate--left-leaning--individual, who has tried to look past these extremists making a mockery of their religion for years, am sick of this ignorant bullsh!t in the name of religion...we, as you agreed, need more Muslims (which, as a whole I have respected--but am losing that respect b/c of their inaction) to stand up against these idiots...However, because of their inaction, I think it says a lot--that their religion actually does permit the killing of "enemies" of Islam--a.k.a. Westerners.

The Muslim world actually is still rioting and protesting the cartoons--a week after the mainstream media publications--are you kidding me???

joe truth

Forget the Mohammed cartoons, just google for photo's of Muslim protests around the world. The photo's do far more to caricature and ridicule Muslims than any cartoon could possibly do. Cartoons are just that - cartoons. But look at the howling monkeys in the photo's... now you know what we're up against. Yep, Islam is losing all remaining vestiges of support outside it's own core audience. Not even the most radical liberal can possibly look at the hundreds of thousands of photo's captured of these protests and not conclude that Islam is full of deranged and raving lunatics.

Clearly watching all the Islam idiocy unfold will only strengthen the resolve of non Islam to make sure Iran never gets the bomb developed, at any cost.

Jaines Cornell

How much more ridiculous can the practitioners of Islam get. A week ago I would have said that I have less and less respect for Muslims and the Islamic faith in general. Well now I can say that I have absolutely no respect for them. They have proven themselves to be next to the lowest form of life that inhabits the Earth. May they rot in hell for eternity.


I'm sure they love you too.


Joe Truth Bravo!


I just wanted to post a comment regarding some of the comments I've read on this blog. Although many are over the top in terms of their language, I think these comments are expressing a growing realization on the part of Americans, and I guess "Westerners" as a whole, that the teachings of Muhammad are in fact the source of all the problems here. Before the cartoon controversy, I didn't really seek out new information about Islam. For example, I never was aware that "jihad" referred to the eternal struggle between Islam and the non-islam world, and that it can only end when Sharia law reigns supreme everywhere. I didn't know what "dhimmi" status was - and now that I know what it is (the second-class status of all non-Islamic believers in Islamic societies), I find myself wondering how many muslims in the U.S. plan to put me in dhimmitude once they figure out a way to usurp the Constitution with sharia law. In other words, the cartoon controversy has been a real eye-opener for many people who were naive about Islam. Since I'm going down this path, has anyone ever done a study of U.S. Muslims to find out how many of them, what percentage, truly support the Constitution as the ultimate legal authority? I'm finding myself growing more and more apprehensive thinking about the possibility that the reason we don't see more American Muslims protesting against terrorism is that the majority are actually supportive of it, or maybe ambivalent because they feel that ultimately the U.S. is going to be a part of the utopian world-wide sharia state?


I think you will find this website useful.


I'm posting from IP and I'm a moron!


This is perhaps the most extraordinary fashion line of 2006. An Italian company based in Udine has produced a pair of jeans especially designed for Muslims. Al Quds Jeans are designed to be extra roomy so the wearer supposedly avoids stiffness whilst kneeling in prayer. Moreover, the pockets are designed to accommodate the usual array of accessories Muslims have to remove whilst they worship. Finally, the Al Quds Jeans have green seams since this is a sacred Islamic colour.

You’re probably thinking this is some kind of irreverent joke? No, it’s absolutely genuine. This is a quote from the Al Quds website:

“I am AL QUDS jeans, the jeans of choice for Islam as the inspiration comes from here and it is to this world that they refer. The precious stimuli and suggestions that come from the sacred Arab World and from ordinary, every day life are captured and brought to fruition in AL QUDS jeans satisfying the needs of a couture fashion line which arises from the most “cultural” gesture of the street: jeans made to pray in, jeans for those who choose a different path. It is a wider concept because it is a step made for the World, seductive original and distinguished.

This line is therefore serious, looked for with discretion, natural elegant and not ostentatious. This is reflected in the care and attention to detail, from the denim material to the design which offers the comfort necessary for everyday wear.

A new expression for an old tradition; a way to express your origins and show them.”

No doubt, many people will be asking whether this is a further sacriligious exploitation of Faith for commercial ends. Perhaps the Imams are the only people qualified to provide a definitive answer. Regardless, many will view this as a further attempt to dillute the Sacred.

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