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February 02, 2006



be glad for the changes sir, for otherwise you'd have england turn into a private american university and any critique of any one would lead to having to barbecue white people on the hot seat of shame. as good as white people taste when barbecued, the digestive system doesn't deal too well with them.


I've got no problems with critiques of any of my beliefs. We, Muslims, can respond to these critiques in a sober and critical manner. And if we can't or don't feel we're up to it then we should ignore them.

I do have a concern that "Islam" is being used as a vehicle for certain people -- racists -- to continue their activities (ironically, the BNP and secular liberals are one and the same in their belief that Muslims do not deserve protection from the law because 'Islam is not a race'). Apologists for the BNP should ask why jokes about blacks amongst the BNP continue to have to much currency, if the BNP are really only concerned about Islam's 'philosophical' and 'cultural' elements. Note that Jews and Sikhs have explicit defence from the law. I don't see why Muslims can't have the same protection.

Somehow, I doubt those people who attack a woman with a headscarf are too concerned that a Muslim's belief in an omnipotent God flouts Kant's 'religion within the bounds of reason'.

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