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July 09, 2005




Excellent, as always. You raised an intriguing point re: the desire for civil war. First, we were being told over and over that such and such non-scholar mediocrity was in fact the Muslim world's Martin Luther; apparently, Luther has done his damage.

Now, we have reached the stage of the 30-Years War and other such sectarian violence. Perhaps it makes sense. First they wanted us to find a Luther, now they want us to tear ourselves apart, Muslim Protestants vs. Muslim Catholics. (Who are "they"? "They" are those whose best solution is advocating civil war; if indeed these attacks are the hallmark of a civil war -- which targets non-Muslims as well -- then what bright mind advocates accelerating it?)


wa'alaykum salaam

Personally, I am coming to the conclusion that "fundamentalism" is a mentality, rather than any specific creed or doctrine, one that is unable to look beyond their own narrow view of the world.

As for the "civil war" ramblings, what is more annoying is the constant talk of "Reformation" that "Islam needs", when in fact "The Reformation" European- Christian history was quite, if not very, violent.

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