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July 13, 2005


the crossfader

so it basically comes down to their version of God versus yours. I guess we'll have to wait until we're dead to find out who's right.


That must be your own ta'wil.


Does anyone see the blatant farce in this post?

Can you imagine a culture (Islam for thabet's benefit) in our human race that needs a 20 page study (that took two years to research and derive conclusions) to attempt to prove to itself that murder of innocent people and terrorism is inconsistent with religious tenets?!?!?!

Anywhere else in the world, or universe probably, the sentence 'terrorism is wrong, murder is wrong', would be prima facie self evident. Not even a one pager is needed in the West. But with Islam, no... there is much to debate about this whole terrorism justification... it could go either way, enough that it takes 20 pages to try and prove the thesis.

Not a good sign, dear Muslims.


Oh goodie. You're back.

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