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March 12, 2005




I am aware that many people were astonished when Liddle was given the editor's job for 'Today', one of R4's flagship programmes. Not only is he an oaf, but a vile little hatemonger and his highly sentimental resusitation of disgraced and now decrepit Bradford Head Ray Honeyford in the Spectator (How Islam has killed multiculturalism, 01.05.04) is one of the most vile apologetics for a racist troublemaker I have ever read in my entire life.





I dont live in Britain, but from the way you have narrated the whole program, it does sound to me like haste approach by right-wing politicians to bring 'awareness' among whites, that Islam will end up as a dominant force in Britain soon.

Even though, there is quite amount of logic in your concluding statements, to me the whole excercise of theirs seems like efforts of desperate people. These logics doesnt reach their heads.

But your views are alhamdulillah.Good

Abu Rishe

This is what rod liddle said in a recent article:
""I also believe we are engaged in a struggle with Islam. Since the collapse of communism, Islam presents the only coherent challenge to our way of life.

But it is primarily an ideological war and I do not believe, as Tony Blair and George W Bush seem to, that it can be won by imposing western democratic institutions upon Islamic countries with bombs and troops.

It might be won, however, by smothering Islamic countries with the accoutrements of western affluence, such as affordable white goods, television and the other gentle vices of western civilisation. The ordinary adherents of all ascetic creeds, of which Marxism and Islam are but two, tend to be susceptible to the softening temptations of avarice.

If we can buy off Islam in such a way then Turkish membership of the EU will have been a success and we might extend the invitation to other Muslim countries."

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I was in Egypt in 1999 and people there (who can afford them) have the white goods they need. I don't know if Liddle plans to supply expensive American or European white goods to every poor family in Egypt or Turkey.

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