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March 30, 2005




In The Radical Feminist's Palimpsest, I asserted that:

"The origins of the European hijab controversy are complex, and take place on a bleak intersection where colonial history and post-9/11 Islamophobia collide. Most French Muslims have their origins in the Maghrib, with the first migrants coming mainly from Algeria, a French colony until 1962. French colonialism was unique in its drive to completely assimilate host cultures, and a comparable demand on migrants to conform to secular French cultural standards was the driving force behind the hijab law. In fact, even before the law was passed, wearing hijab had seen French Muslim women denied employment and even hospital treatment."

Uniquely, France saw its colonies and its colonial subjects as being as much a part of France as Paris, and it saw the eradication of the culture of the colonies as its 'civilizing mission'. And in the postcolonial era, nothing has changed.




there is actually a rule in the Stasi law defining the dimensions of the head covering to be worn (you have to see ears, forehead, the line where the scalp meets the forehead, and the neck) so the principal wasn't making up the insanity.

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