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January 19, 2005



This is an excellent review. It is especially intriguing b/c the place of the 9/11 attacks has not had a single media/literary outlet which has attempted to deal with the changes that the attacks have wreaked on Muslims living within the West - and yet Britain has gone ahead and dealt with it. For example, American publishers could have done something with my novel, which was a comic view at the post-9/11 world, but they chose not to. It may illustrate that whereas minorities may be more 'let alone' in the US, they are also more ignored in the larger sense.


quite enjoyed this.


I think the film Yasmin was a great way of showing life for Muslims during that period of time. It was a chance for Muslim non-believers to see what people like Tony Blair have portrayed Muslims as. This film in my opinion is very realistic and should not be critisied as it was very true,and we should get more films like this broadcasted. If it got so many people talking and debating about the film it obviousley managed to catch peoples attention, whether people want to paint us Muslims as terroristd or victims after watching this film is upto them.I personally know Nasir as he is a mate,the guy who played Yasmins brother, and i know the characters worked well and hard and i think they deserve the recommendation they are getting. congats to the lot of them.x

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