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December 30, 2004



Or could a 'Muslim' state simply refuse to assert or deny that it had nuclear weapons, thereby creating the possibility in the minds of other nation-states and therefore re-creating deterrent capacity. Of course, it has to be believable -- it can't be Qatar claiming as much, no one would believe it (no offense to Qataris. Hey, you have al-Jazeera!)

That is to say, what's the position on claiming something as a necessary evil? Of course, I don't think one can say democracy is as much of an attack on our norms as nukes or WMDs are, but then that throws open the floodgates. Some people tolerate some aspects of democracy, not all; some people see it as a necessary though not desired institution, a stop-gap, a mechanism to create a broad social alliance to remove a disliked government and create a free space for Islam's operation.

For that matter, what is a WMD?


Its a good argument you make. Science emerges from a secular history. Nukes arise from western history. Islam is not secularism, so nukes are not Islamic. I'm smiling again.

But, uh, a lot of people I know would say that winning is Islamic, so nukes are Islamic.



A good question.

My answer, from an agnostic American's perspective, mind you, would be that people are usually fairly quick to jettison their beliefs when it suits their interests.

This post by Matthew Yglesias was about Social Security, but I think that the theory of ideology he lays out is broadly applicable.

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