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October 30, 2004



In contrast, take a look at some demographics on American Muslims:

Jonathan Edelstein

I suspect that part of the reason for British Muslims' demographic profile is that many of them are first-generation immigrants, and that the statistics will improve over the next one to two generations. Are there any statistics comparing Muslims to other relatively new immigrant groups?


Yes, I think you're right Jonathan. With over half being born outside Britain, this does make a difference. However, what I find disturbing is the poor attitude among Muslims _born in this country_.

I am unaware of any statistics for other new immigrant groups.


Hmm. Not a very pretty picture. I've done a post on Canadian Muslims, compiled mostly from the census as well as other places. When I get a chance, i'll put it up.

Randy McDonald

That would be interesting, Ikram.


I was researcing through Google when I surfed on to this site. This is interesting stuff. Especially the comparison with American Muslims.
The thing that strikes me is that whereas Muslims who migrated to America were often of the "study, get a job, make something of yourself. And do better for the kids" mindset, the first few waves of migration to Europe were from the more rural regions, and were for blue collar jobs.
Also, Gillies Kepel, in his rather oldish book, "Allah in the West" is rather specific about the effects of ghettoising of Muslims in the 40's- 60's in the Britain.


This is an interesting site, so keep up the good work

Bryan Nyhof

Dear Sir,

I am working on a presentation right now about Muslims in London. It has been very hard to find the statistics on how many people from the middle east live in London and also how many are there for holiday and finally how many are there to study. Do you know and can you send me these figures?

I would appreciate it. Bryan

marion andrews

Dear Friends in the Lord,
It is so good to find this website. I am a sixty year young. British Englishwoman living near Exeter, and I have been a Christian all my life Being brought up in a Church School.I have just read the Bible again after joining a Christian group. this is when I saw the truth for myself. No-one else could see for themselves what the Bible was telling them. Praise be to the Lord for my revelation, and I am now studying the Khoran as well and hope to be received into the Islamic Religion soon. Now I feel I have a 'direct line' to the Lord.


Sounds to me that you are a very racist individual, don't forget that Britan is not a Muslim Country.
Have you ever opened the Quran to find the truth about life..why not read it and you hopefully you will find the truth for yourself.

The Quran is the only book that is not corrupted, if you are a smart individual and can understand logic then please read it and compare with other sources you will be amazed.


I think you're right about the Indian Muslim/other Muslims differential. I saw a rather similar breakdown by "origin" rather than religion in a New Statesman special about 4 years back. "Bangladeshis" were the group least likely to own homes; "Indians" were the most likely. I suspect this is a knock-on from other figures: Bangladeshis are a poorer group, therefore much more likely to rent from council/housing assoc., as well as less likely to be able to take the right-to-buy where they are.


I think that these figures are blured by some of what really goes on, most of my muslim friends work but also claim housing benefit, inclme support and job seekers allowance, so the figures look bad but do not reflect the actual situation.

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