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August 23, 2004



thebit, i'll send you something on islamic economics. something long, but academic, and i hope you'll enjoy it...


There are more people named Muhammed in the world than any other.

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum, thanks for linking my article. The link is now dead because my website has been deleted (suspected sabotage). You can read it at the link attached to this comment, insha Allah.

Reid Bradley

Man, where have you been, i have been checking your blog everyday and you are no where to be seen! Hope all is good for you.


Yusuf: waalaykum assalaam. I have noticed that your website is back up and running, alhamdullilah, so I have the link as it is.

Haroon: I received the article. Thanks, interesting. I'll need to re-read it.

Ried: I am busy with work, I'm afraid. I am currently on the high seas, so blogging is highly restricted. Back next week, God willing.


I await the reviews.

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