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June 09, 2004



Interesting topic; i will refer to it on my blog. The same arguments pro and con you mention here, are seen on many dutch websites. Referring to the internet; well there is some proliferation of islamic sites but my guess is that it is very one-sided; a lot of sites (in holland anyway) are salafist except some major sites that are not islamic perse but relate to an ethnic background such as maghrebonline and


the voting conundrum really is a crack up. although i understand why you might abstain from voting on a conscientious ground (like some did in vietnam) i think its still a unneccessary aggressive and hypocritical stance (esp as if you said you use public transport etc)
not helped at all by all those gung-ho publications which so many young guys are finding so deceptively alluring(steal the best of socialist rhetoric, hash it up with some militaristic, apocalyptic overtones, sprinkle liberally with some out of context hadiths and wala- a pseudo ideology).
meanwhile as these would be revolutionaries dream of fantastical scenarios of world domination and salahuddin like greatness in their living rooms- the hardworking muslims who have chosen the brave and difficult route of active engagement, the slow and unromantic path of dialogue between civilisations are accused of blaspemy and heresy at every turn....


re: #2

Yes, I too have noticed how "Islamic politics" and "Islamic economics" often seem to steal from socialist ideas; this is especially true in the case of the latter.

The problem seems to be more acute among some Western Muslims -- we have X which is protrayed as a "Western" ideal; so not-X must, of course, be "Islamic". Much of this reactionary thinking underlines our ideas thinking politics and economics, sadly. As one Muslim economist put it to me 'these reactionaries must have developed a guilt complex living relatively affluent lifestyles'.


my name is MUHAMMAD ASIM,i am muslim alhumdulillah ,i ve been there in uk england,huddersfiels,london ,bradford and in milton keyens i wana know about new mulsim there in england share there thought about islam religon and wana do firnd ship,i am crickter leg spinner ,i also played there amtuer,my heart is really cried when i saw very nice people there in uk but they dont have eeman and then thanks ALLAH that yeh i am lucky that i am muslim,it is just the will of ALLAH that i am muslim ,please share your thougts with me.

ruksana khanam

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