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March 29, 2004



very good post!


Rationally argued. But I would have reservations on the justficatoin for suicide bombings. I ama sure the Palestinians are oppressed beyond measure but the only way out is to prove to the world that they are legitimately within their rights to seek their rights. Do they seriously think killing people - make that a lot of people - is going to help them win their way? I mean, come on, any normal human being can only be repulsed by such behaviour. What justificatoin can cause so many to die and kill. It is beyond the ken of a normal human. Hence the easy explanation of religion inspired madness and further hardening of attitudes...and so it goes on.


i think that perspective is wrong. palestinians should not, and do not, think first and foremost of "helping themselves" in the wider sense. at least, sometimes they cannot. i disagree with suicide bombings that target civilians, but in and of itself doesn't seem necessarily wrong.

the problem is, when your wife and children are under threat, do you think, "What are the global consequences of my act?" rather, screw the global consequences, you think, for the globe doesn't care in the first place. hand-in-hand with condemnation of attacks on civilians, we need leadership that can back people up. for no people can stand without leaders, and thus our present dilemma, which thebit has so ably analyzed.

In response to logicus:
"beyond the ken of a normal human"
I think its safe to assert that Palestinians fall within this realm, if there is such an entity as "a normal human." I'm assuming most of us have not experienced the brutalities that they how can we contemplate as to what they think, or what motivates their behavior? For that reason, I think we should focus our criticisms more on leadership and humanitarian intervention within the state...rather than tell an oppressed, frustrated, and desperate people their behavior is problematic for their cause.

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