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November 27, 2003



I read this exact same speech from a christian scholar, submission vs free will. This is a dilema that has been facing christian believers for centuries.

How similar are your words and some will defend them so vehemently.


"We are able to accept the divinity of the Qur'an through various investigative techniques, but upon accepting its divinity, we are made to understand that divinity itself is incomprehensible."

How can you call the Qur'an DIVINE? Is that not committing shirk? Last time I checked, it was Hazrat Usman that put together a committee that "fomralized" the text - and then elimanated all other variants. Muslims mistake God's word as compiled by Man as divine and this is wrong.


Actually, the traditional narrative of Uthman compiling the Qur'an flies in the face of the wider history and social background of the time.

Muhammad Waqar Saleem

Assalam U Alaikum Haroon and everyone,

Here are my two cents on these questions:

1- Any person standing on the cross roads of the "Right Rd" and the "Wrong Rd" has a free choice. No one is going to stop him no matter what he decides. After all, this is the very basic belief in Islam. We were given this life to test the very choices we make. Just a personal advice to all Muslims: once you starting treading the path of Islam, don't induldge too much into questions related with 'Taqdeer'. You will get derailed.

2- I think that the boundaries of religious law encompass each and every aspect of human life. However, there are some issues in which a human being is only answerable to God, such as those which are very personal. However, the issues that concern with one's public life have to be dealt with in legal institutions, such as courts.


Assalammu Allaikkum Harron, Thebit and everyone,

I find Haroon's questions logical and thought provoking. These are the same question that goes into the mind of every deep thinking Muslim. In the mainstream Islam, you do not hear anybody talking about these topics, since most of them may not have a clue to these answers.

In posing these questions, I believe probably Haroon is finding it hard to come to terms with the idea that Allah created the Men and Jinn just to supplicate to him, as does everything else in this universe. In many a place in the Quran Allah SWT mentions that the human being is the best of creations but due to the greed in them they become the lowest of the worst creatures. Also by not willing to consider the Hadith you would not get answers to your questions..The Prophet's SAW Seerah will give answers, he was the "living Quran"

The other texts would be by the old scholars, the one that pops into nearly every serious thinker’s mind is Imam Ghazali. The question reminds me of ALI (RA) saying where he classifies believers to be of three types..

1. - People who pray in fear of hell
2. Traders - people who pray to achieve paradise
3. - People who just pray to attain nearnes to Allah (SWT), they do not care about Hell or Heaven...

My own thinking is that if we are trying to see through the kaliedescope of Western logic we will never find a solution to all the questions. You would have to learn to do the right things for the door of wisdom to be opened by His Graciousness...the knowledge achieved thereby (the fountain from the SOURCE of everything) would give you solace without doubts..until then we have no choice but seek the right person(S) to guide us.

Everytime I get a negative nag, I get to think that if Islam is Allah's way why should the Prophet (SAW) have struggled so hard to spread the right religion, How was He as a person able to achieve that? If we can get so easily bogged done by these thoughts to follow the right path....what would you have done if we were among the early companions would we have followed or not? I would not agree with Thebit’s answer that we should not explore…my choice would be to explore with conviction that Islam is the right, but what you may see, hear or understand may be start searching again…

May Allah SWT forgive if I have mentioned anything wrong…..


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