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August 17, 2006



Tories calling the UK decadent is like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? Rather than this 'we think all this liberalism is making Britain a wicked nation' talk (and they're perfect, naturally), how about backing it up with some good old fashioned evidence? Not yer local town centre on a Saturday night, which is unlikely to provide a balanced cross-section of society; nor some poll purchased from YouGov or even Gallup. But some good ol' fashioned evidence of the social scientific variety, that is, social attitudes data with perhaps some semi-structured interviews and even, my goodness, some intelligent analysis. That's if these here Tories don't think sociology is a rubbish subject, of course.




Park, A. (2005) British Social Attitudes: 22nd Report (London: Sage)

Fine if you've got £42 to spare!


The amusing thing is if the Tories ditched their latent (and not so latent) disdain towards Muslims, most Muslims would be Tory voters.

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