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August 22, 2006



I would add to this. I am not boasting when I say I've worked hard to support my autistic son -it's simply that I believe the best jam is always home made (as Michelle Shocked once sang). I'd rather have more the government provide more places I can take my son during the holidays rather than rubbish social services' "respite" or cash hand outs to hire "carers" (but not a cleaner, which would be far more useful).

The latter is the almost the only alternative to welfare that the government has come up with, and like so much of its neo-liberal dross, it is founded on consumerism, rather than the idea of encouraging self-sufficiency.

The alternative to 'welfare' would do better if it followed the lead of the National Autistic "Early Bird" scheme, for example, which trains parents how to be better carers of their autistic children.



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