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February 05, 2006


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» The State of the Ummah II from towards God is our journey
Well, in keeping with GMT (Good Muslim Time) I have finally bothered to get around to this. Over 2 months late(r). Sorry to anyone who was really keen on this concept. (I still am!) My apologies, especially to Umm Yasmin, [Read More]



hey thabet,

i'm kind of curious: how come you are *more* socially aware after your hajj? i think maybe we need a post on that =)


You learn a great deal on Hajj abuot yourself and those around you... ;-)



when people ask you 'what you are' in terms of identity, what do you say? lets say its someone with a fairly intellectual background who is speaking to you.


eteraz: he remains silent?

thabet: very funny! thank you :)

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