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October 10, 2005



Would you like to expand on that?

Yusuf Smith

I've got an entire section dedicated to his stupid ramblings, although I last did a Spencer debunk several months ago.


The author needs to clarify his concern. I hope he can clarify in a separate post what the problem is with Robert Spencer


No, Doug, in fact I wouldn't like to expand on that. I mentioned this because someone I know is constantly telling me how "good" Spencer's "analysis" and "commentary" is. I'd only ever come across him at foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Muslim or anti-Arab websites. Occassionally I would read Yusuf Smith's criticisms of his website. Even then he's writing would give the impression he was slightly mad, but I confess never to have anything he had published. So, since I try and be fair, I did pick up _The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam_.

Now I know his ramblings are either the work if a complete nutter or someone who knows he can milk stupid morons in today's political climate.

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